PS3Tools GUI Edition v3.7 By Ac1DMoDz Comes Through

September 3, 2012

This is the second update since the lone wolf developer Ac1DMoDz has taken over. In his previous 3.6 release, he has added a SFO Editor, PKG Viewer and made some changes to the GUI. With version 3.7, there are more goodies for users to enjoy. Take a look at the changelog for this release:

  • PS3 HDD Studio Added
  • Package Toolkit GUI Added
  • SCETool updated to latest version (Version 0.2.9)
  • New HDD Category Added

For this release, Ac1DMoDz has decided to split it into two different versions. One with the Package Toolkit included and one without it. The reasoning for this is that the toolkit gives off a false positive with some antivirus programs. However, that can easily be fixed if you’re familiar with your preferred antivirus program. You can find the two individual releases below.

PS3Tools GUI Edition v3.7 by Ac1DMoDz: [With PKG Toolkit | Without PKG Toolkit]

Source: PSX-Scene

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