PS3Tools GUI: PSDev Back With Another Update

July 1, 2012

PSDev has been rather busy with the slew of updates that he has been making to his PS3Tools GUI application. He keeps the project up to date and moving forward with even more excellent and useful features being added in to the PS3Tools GUI app. Let’s take a look at what’s new with version 2.5.

With this update, PSDev has decided to design a new GUI which now eliminates the command line output window. For those of you who aren’t interested with watching the application do its work and process everything or don’t want the GUI taking up your precious screen real estate space, then the new GUI is for you as you won’t have to see these things on your screen.

Other than that, PSDev put in the work and the PS3Tools GUI now includes an RCO dumper and SFO file reader that has been integrated into the GUI.  These are the big updates to the application but there have also been some other additional small changes and bugfixes in version 2.5. You can pick up the newest version of PS3Tools GUI below.

Stay tuned as we will be sure to keep you up to date with the future editions as they are rolled out by PSDev.

Download: PS3Tools GUI v2.5

Source: PSX-Scene

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