PS3Tools GUI Source Code Released

August 14, 2012

Just a few weeks ago, PSDev released what he said would be his final iteration of the PS3Tools GUI that has been of great use to most in the hacking scene.  He has released one final tool for the scene.

With the recent release of the 3.60 keys, a great developer said goodbye to one of the most used programs to peruse new projects. However, upon his departure, he left fans with a promise that the source code to his program would be released soon so that other developers could carry the torch for future scene developments. I am here today to tell you that that day is now. The Ps3ToolsGUI source is now available for anyone to download and decode as they see fit.

For those of you that remain unfamiliar with the legacy that PSDEV has left us, PS3Tools is a program that can be used to accomplish more or less any basic scene task you could ask for. With the newly integrated keys in his final version, users can utilize this program to construct decrypted eboots to their hearts content. Not to mention, it also allows users to decrypt a host of other crucial firmware files as well. Needless to say, this is a program that will undoubtedly need a new developer if the scene hopes to progress. PSDev now hopes that with the release of this source that new soul will come forward.


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