PS3Ultimate TV App Updated to 1.09

October 1, 2012

Last month, RazorX reminded us of his extreme value to the PS3 scene by releasing a pretty exciting  update to his popular UltimatePS3 TV app. Today however, he brings his program to version 1.09 revising almost all aspects of this homebrew TV watching experience.

When it comes to using the media capabilities of your console, there are few things more useful than utilizing your PS3 to catch up on some of your favorite TV shows. Still, who has the money to surrender to all of those paid services like Netflix and Hulu when their is a whole intrenet of great content to watch that won’t cost you a dime? That is the philosophy behind how PS3Ultimate TV App works. It consolidates the sometimes painstaking process of finding what you need by providing the user with links that they can access straight from their CFW XMB.

In terms of the specific updates that 1.09 can bring us, quite possibly one of the biggest additions is xil. This allows you to add your own custom channels to the app itself if you happen to find any good ones that aren’t a part of this  program. There are also a whole bunch of added movies and links to more content that should keep plenty of you console media junkies happy for hours. If you’re looking to take a break from that seemingly never-ending CoD session, RazorX would suggest you kick back and relax with this strong update to PS3Ultimate TV App.


Tags: homebrew, ps3ultimate, razorx

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