Ps3usercheat = P3GO / Donglewars II Chapter 0

June 18, 2012

First Gen dongles and second gen: A never ending ping/pong game.

You may remember when the *first gen* of dongles used microcontrollers = PIC or ATMEL.
In that time appeared P3GO with a CPU of 500MHZ (pretty powerful) = Open source Released on 2010.

The thing here is that 6 months later PS3USERCHEAT releases a dongle with the same hardware inside as P3GO.

Then when a prudential time passed away, P3GO releases a firmware that was a clon of ps3usercheat. As well a cloned *code unique*.
Here the situation starts to gets *confusing* and amusing at the same time:

P3GO was and is the ONLY dongle capable of:

1) Letting you install a dev’s firmware
2) Allowing you to make your own MFW
3) And even had a SDK to do payloads.

Today we have Cobra/TB/and many clones and a possible release of E3 team. (second gen ones).
Now we can ask ourselves..The obvious facts:

Someone tested in this ones, especially in P3GO a dev with good programming skills knowledge on SDK in that time (Even in this time) Can do (insert what you think here) the hell he/she wants.

They used some good powefull hardware that PS3GO haves to trial and error tests and possibly this is the *Father* of all you see today in the market.
As far as i know they never took into the equation the fact of 4.11 OFW, they used a big and phat bad ass dongle as P3GO to do the *work*. And to clon a clon (paradox) in order to get more profits.

Here a List organized by date and detail of PS3GO releases by Sandungas:

P3GO official releases:
2010 september ??? – P3GO GT-break released announces “P3GO GT-break” a “next generation” dongle with impressive technical characteristics: 32bits@500MHz CPU, 16MB SDRAM, 128MB NAND, microSD card slot, linux support, a promised open SDK, and some onboard features like drag&drop updates, dual boot, etc…
The dongle comes with a clone of “gaia backup manager” preinstalled in path /dev_usb000/PS3_GAME/USRDIR/EBOOT.BIN (root of P3GO NAND), the program is mounted automatically at app_home/PS3_GAME/ icon in XMB game column
packages included in the P3GO NAND: backup manager_V2.pkg, ftpserver_12.pkg, GMAN74113.pkg, OpenManager1.17.2.pkg, UP0001-GAIA01985_00-7679866932773369-GAMEZ.pkg
20101022 – P3GO firmware v2
Dual boot (from NAND or from microSD card)
20101026 – P3GO firmware v3
Fixed a bug in HDD permissions
20101111 – P3GO firmware v04
Updater from nand (not needed a microSD card to update)
PSN fixes
20101112 – P3GO firmware v05
Stability fixes
20101116 – P3GO firmware v06 (bugged)
PSN fixes
Spoof 3.50
PL3 fixes
20101118 – P3GO firmware v07
Previous bug fixed
Dongle firmware version is displayed in PC & PS3
20101118 – P3GO firmware v08 (development)
Special development version
Released open SDK
20101126 – P3GO firmware v09
Support the Hex files of all versions AVR/PIC (firmwares from other dongles of the first generation)
20101129 – Recover tool
Released the frst version of the recover tool, a low level program that can restore the normal operation of the dongle by overwriting his bootloader
The file fw.bin (that seems to be the bootloader) and the drivers for windows (when the dongle is connected to the pc in “recover mode” is recognized by windows as a new hardware device) are the same than the next release of the recover tool and the ps3usercheat “fix_it” tool
20101208 – P3GO firmware v10
Announced as “downgrade support” is a “PS3 service mode” payload integrated in the dongle firmware
2011 march ??? – PS3usercheat released
The hardware is the same than P3GO, theorically are resellers or both shares a common manufacturer
The dongle comes with a cheat software “codeunique v1″ that is an improved clone of “gaia backup manager” installed in the onboard NAND of the dongle, is mounted automatically at APP_HOME icon in XMB
20110326 – P3GO firmware v11 (for ofw 3.41)
Support the cheat function and can load the game from the hard disk
This release includes “Code Manager v1″ (his ICON0.PNG says “code freak by cybergadget”, and the program contains several logos of ps3usercheat)
Code Manager needs to be installed in path /dev_usb000/CHT/USRDIR/EBOOT.BIN (root of P3GO NAND), the program is mounted automatically at app_home/PS3_GAME/ icon in XMB game column
Spoof 3.66
20110522 – P3GO firmware v12 (for cfw 3.55 kmeaw)
Support for 3.55 cfw
New version of “recover tool” (seems there are some differences with the previous version of recover, e.g: the NAND OOBSIZE value in USBBoot.cfg)
There was a re-release of this package (im not sure if comes from the official page) that includes 2 cloned copies of “code unique”: CODEUNIQUE_355_auto_detect.pkg, and CHET11111_ONLY CHEAT_355.pkg (“code unique v2.0″ clones reselfed and repackaged?)
There is also an announce that some users reported failures when installing v12 firmware in first generation boards (the green ones) they announce to recover the dongle with the “recover tool” (honestly? this was a mess, it depends of the firmware installed in the dongle and they never said the recover versions was different, is not clear wich one to use for each type of brick/board)
Next moths…
All references from the v12 release are erased from the official web ( and all download links broken during months, no more support

In the last release documented of P3GO contained a program to flash it on *recover mode*….(go figure).
This generated some serious *dongle bricks* since you can do the the *recover mode* joining two pads with a wire.

Many people said that P3GO SDK is *limited* but we don’t know how limited it’s is, you can do payloads and today is pretty useless. (Since we have more *hardcore* dongles with better encryption and better security).
Maybe the SDK released by them was half-complete or infact incomplete.
But with *recover tool* you have the chance to install your own BOOTLOADER.
This opens a wide spectrum of possibilities as well when the P3GO was release for first time they showed a nice AD = With LINUX support.

It’s very limited the data i can post today, i will update later.
But keep this in mind and please feel free to contribute not with MONEY. But information.

Sandungas as well as the users doing some serious research on this. Needs:

1) If someone wants to complete the releases list of PS3USERCHEAT, doing so we have a better view and all the *code unique* versions.
2) Someone WILLING to DONATE a PS3USERCHEAT dongle. Is MORE than welcome.

Will we keep this up, and updated.

Source =

Source = ps3devwiki

I will REMARK this. This is a discussion *news* and i have to give a big thanks to the ones who are keeping the good work. @Sandungas @Oct0xor @Flatz and many others. Especially ps3devwiki for the almost endless resources.



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