PS4 $400 Will Feature Two Integrated Cameras. Is 2 Better Than 1?

February 11, 2013

Cameras have always presented unique opportunities for video games. Sony has realized this since the days of the PS2’s EyeToy which allowed for users to do some basic actions with their body to progress within their games. Competition in this arena was pretty cold until Microsoft came out with their own Kinect peripheral for the Xbox 360 which not only captured head and arm movements but allowed gamers to get their whole body behind all of their favorite content. It’s not like these kinds of devices are selling in massive numbers even today, but it would seem that according to these leaks Sony is banking on having more luck by including two cameras in every single one of their upcoming systems.

In terms of the actual specs of these devices, the rumor sheet says that both imaging devices will tout 720p resolution and a four-microphone array clocked at 48Khz. So what can these added hardware pieces be used for. It’s suggested that head and arm movements at the very least will be able to be captured in high definition for gameplay and voice chat. In addition to this it would seem reasonable to deduce that the mics would also be able to act for voice recognition as well. The best part about all of this is even with the advanced tech, VGLeaks says the PS4 or “Orbis” will launch for just $400. Would you all buy a PS4 with these features?


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