PS4 Dev Kit FCC Filing, Shows What The Dev Kit Looks Like & Max Clock Speed

July 17, 2013

Sony finally showed the PS4 console at E3, to many gamers delight, and now we seem to getting to have a look at what developers will have to have sat next to them for the next 8 years.

It describes the model being DUH-D1000AA, I guess that’s what the new generations model number will be. )The console is tested for Bluetooth and 802.11 b/g/n WiFi radios. The console will maintain a temperature of  5-35 degrees celsius, if you’re getting bored of me describing, here’s a screenshot of the description box on the listing.

And here’s a picture of the dev kit according to the filing:

Those lines coming of it are the dimensions, click on the photo to see what they are. Along with the 3rd angle projection of the whole kit (engineer talk, sorry)

Well doesn’t it look a tad familiar like this leak that came out back in February?

Although I noticed some slight differences, 2 USB ports not 3, and no Playstation logo, also the left hand side of that black square has gone walkies, can one of the commenters clarify what it is please? I would say it’s a power source for an actual PS4 console, but we all know it uses an 8 cable. (Which I’m pretty surprised about it’s low power to be honest)




Also, I left a comment in response  to tonakai’s article regarding his poor experiences, my comment was saying how he suggested getting a hard case for it, the one he suggested damaged my Vita and left small marks which make it look terrible, get any other hard case but that:

Yup, these are mirrored on the other side and also around the front screen, and around the back touchpad as well. :(

Also, I admire the person who drew the dev kit on Autocad, if you have ever used it, you know it is a pain in the place that I’d get fired for blogging if I said it to work with (given he’s a professional and it probably took him 4 minutes though)

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