PS4 Firmware 1.52 available, “improves” system software stability

December 11, 2013

Today, Sony announced an upcoming software update for the recently released Playstation 4. The second update since the launch about a month ago, this release doesn’t bring much in terms of new features.

The update details just say the firmware increases the stability of the system while using some features, and that’s basically it. In the underground world of the Playstation scene, though, we’ve learned to interpret those meaningless updates as security patches to prevent potential hacks or exploits.

Is that the case here too? Some people on twitter were quick to confirm that the update does not bring any of the awaited features, such as support for Sony’s exclusive “Pulse” headset.

Players are expecting many new things from PS4′s update, including theme support, integrated music and video players, etc… so such a “tiny” (it’s still a pretty big download, considering how little it really does) update is always a disappointment. Earlier today, a tool was released that could read the content of the PS4 flash. Although that firmware update (compiled 6 days ago) has most likely nothing to do with it, it is a funny coincidence.

What would you expect from a PS4 firmware update today?

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