PS4 Firmware 1.62 is out!

March 18, 2014

The latest PS4 update 1.62 was just silently released by Sony. If you were expecting some huge improvement over some specific feature or game, you’re probably up for some disappointment, as the only advertised change is the following:

Operation quality during use of some Playstation4 format software has been improved

Set aside what that actually means (the console crashes less when playing PS4 games? ) It’s pretty frequent for minor increments in the firmware number to match a very tiny change on Sony’s side. That, or it could be a security patch in disguise (also known as “stability improvements” in Sony’s Public Relation language).

Yes, most likely yet another useless update, but if you were experiencing some issues in some specific PS4 games, you might want to give this one a try.

As it hasn’t been publicly announced by Sony yet, it seems you can still use PSN functionality without updating for now and that the update is not mandatory yet, but I haven’t tested that myself yet, so feedback on this is welcome!

And yes, we are still waiting for that Vita update…

Thanks to PS4 Update Bot

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