PS4 firmware updates already “leaked” on sharing sites, files analyzed by hackers

October 30, 2013

Before the PS4 is even officially out, Sony announced a firmware update a few days ago. Hackers who have been closely monitoring what’s going on with the PS4 are already looking into those files to understand what’s going on. It’s not unusual for early console firmwares to have bugs, sometimes big enough to lead to exploits, so it’s not a surprise that these early patches from Sony are being monitored.

Developer SKFU published an analysis of the PS4 PUP file (the file containing the firmware update). The file he published appears to be for the 1.00 firmware, and not the upcoming PS4 1.50 firmware.

Soon after that, the official update files from the latest firmware were added to sharing sites, as mentioned by The Z. The PS4 firmware files can be found here, although Sony is known for hunting down any site hosting their firmware updates, on the basis of copyright infringement (whatever that can possibly mean for encrypted files…).

In the meantime, it appears Sony pulled the initial files. According to mathieulh, this is most likely because the 1.00 firmware update had been incorrectly labeled as 1.50 by mistake.

Finally, according to mathieulh again, the Retail firmwares are signed with different keys than the early devkit ones, which makes sense. (During the early PS Vita days, it was believe the same keys as the PSP were used to sign some content on debug firmwares, while that changed on the retail ones)

It is worth mentioning that those firmwares are encrypted, and may not really be a valuable source of information, at least to the majority of the community. It’s fun to look at the headers of a new file type, but it most likely won’t reveal anything major.


Source: SKFU, The Z, mathieulh

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