PS4: Gaikai, and the importance of streaming games

March 12, 2013

While discussing how social media would interact with games at the PS4 announcement, The Gaikai streaming service was mentioned. However, social interaction and showing your gaming skills to your friends is probably not the only reason Sony bought the streaming service.

Technically speaking, It is said that Gaikai would be able to provide demos for EVERY SINGLE game on the Playstation Store. I, myself, do believe in trying the game out before buying it, because we all don’t want to end up spending money for something we then realize is not worth it.

There was also a slight mention about backward compatibility, but I don’t think it might happen because this could be the last thing on Sony’s mind for now. Gaikai’s CEO¬†did say¬†during the presentation that games meant to run on the PS3 would be streamed to the PS4, but was this a promise or just technically feasible? As for PS2 and PSX games, maybe they will be available as well. In an ideal world, the entire PSN catalog would be available from day 1.

Well since many are going for the new XBOX planned to be released this summer, Sony had to do something, Hadn’t they? Well, I think Gaikai could become a very important asset of the PS4′s reign..

With regards to the Price, Design, And release date, Sony didn’t announce anything, and I think it was a total letdown. Or was it just smart marketing? Are sony waiting for Microsoft’s move to give more precise details about the PS4?

For more information you can also see Wololo’s article here.

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