PS4 Giveaway, and the winner is…

September 1, 2013 turned 5 years old in August this year, and to celebrate I decide to give away a PS4 to one random twitter follower. August is now over, and it’s time to announce our big winner!

It’s been a crazy two weeks with an insane amount of retweets, on par with the craziness/greatness of the gift.

So without further ado, congratulations go to Aaeru who has been randomly selected as the winner!

For those who are wondering, the PS4 is not out yet, so the prize is technically a preorder, I did not pull out a PS4 out of… thin air when it’s not available yet ;)

We have many other giveaways ongoing here at, mostly thanks to our community. Check out Tonakai’s giveaway this week for a chance to win the Sims 3 and an expansion pack, or our other tiny contest to win Unit 13 and Gravity Rush on the Vita thanks to SloXreS

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