PS4 needs PS3 disc for BF4 (digital version): Oh really?…

December 5, 2013

Well, while i posted a day ago. I think that editorial article about BF4 and other things. I decided to check what’s the deal with those 9.99 u$s to make my Battlefield 4 retail for PS3 a digital one in PS4.

I really don’t know if this was posted already but i was shocked and laughing at the same time because is fuck@!$$ epic!.

Click for full size.

As you may notice (sorry for the bad quality of the pic) there are some strange (stupid) instructions, at the bottom:

  • **PS3 game disc required to play digital version of the game on your PS4 System.

If i have the redeem code (which is in the box) why should i put my PS3 disc into my PS4, when i purchased the DIGITAL COPY.
We need to insert PS3 BF4 disc each time we need to play BF4 on PS4?, YES!.

You also have some intuitive graphical diagram for those who doesn’t want to believe this or doesn’t WANT to understand:

  1. Redeem code on PS Store
  2. Download PS4 game.
  3. Insert PS3 disc to play?!?!!??


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