PS4 Sales hit the 6 million mark worldwide

March 4, 2014

Remember when I said the PS4 launch was the biggest console launch ever? Sony confirms regularly that initial success, and today announced on their blog that they reached 6 million units sold worldwide, since the day the console launched less than 4 months ago.

Yup, that’s 1.5 million sales a month on average, or more than 50000 a day!

With 6 million units sold, the PS4 now officially beats the Wii U (5.8 million sales) which was released a year before the PS4; and is on good track to double the Xbox One numbers (3.5 million).

Sony emphasize a lot with this announce on the amount of “connected” people using the PS4: 90% of US PS4 owners are connected, and Sony announced that more than 3.6 million broadcast sessions happened through the PS4, with more games coming that will make heavy use of the PS4′s sharing functionality:

For example, Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition features a built in Broadcast+ mode where you can stream your gameplay while viewers on the PS4 or a web browser influence positive and negative effects during gameplay. More social feedback is on the way too, with Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends in March and Daylight in April.

Despite these numbers, there’s no doubt that the Xbox One will have a great year 2014, but Sony’s PS4 appears to be the clear winner of this generation’s console wars.

Source: playstation blog

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