PS4 Specs: Could These Be The Real Deal?

July 12, 2012

It’s been a while since we discussed any rumors about the PS4 but hey, I like to gossip, so gather around the water cooler and let’s get down to it shall we?

Word on the street is that a certain website has got their hands on the hardware specs for the upcoming PS4 ahead of schedule. As always without any real statement from Sony to play confirm or deny with we have to take this with a grain of salt as it could just be a website trying to increases its traffic… who knows. Anyway let’s take a look at these ‘rumored PS4’ details so you can make up your own mind on whether or not it’s the real deal.

In exclusive we have the detailed first specs (not final) for PS4, most likely first alpha kits sent to developers:



  •  4 core (2 core pairs) 3.2 GHz AMD x86 (Steamroller)
  •  aggregate, 10x PS3 PPU performance
  •  512 KByte L2 per core pair
  •  64 bit pointers


  • AMD R10x series GPU @ 800 MHz (Tahiti)
  •  aggregate 10x RSX performance, 1.84 TFlops
  • DX”11.5″
  • cheap branching
  • 18 compute units, focus on fine grained compute & tessellation


  • 2 GByte UMA, pushing for 4 GByte
  • 192 GByte/ sec non-coherent access for e.g. GPU
  • 12 GByte/ sec coherent access for CPU
  • >50% longer memory latency for CPU/ GPU compared to PC!!!
  • DXT is lowest bpp texture compression format


  • 50 GByte BD drive
  • PCAV, between 3.3 and 8x BD, most likely clamped to 6x
  • automatic background caching to HDD
  • HDD SKU with at least 380 GByte
  • downloadable games


  • video encoder/ decoder
  • audio processing unit, ~200 concurrent MP3 streams
  • HW zlib decompressor

Our source claims that the final specs should be 10x powerful than PS3, due to this info has got 10 months.

What do you guys think?  Do these look like the real PS4 specs?


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