[PS4]Playstation Camera Will Be Sold Separately- Yoshida Explains Why

June 20, 2013


Yoshida spoke recently about the PlayStation Camera, and why it isn’t bundled in the box, and trolls while doing so.

Shuhei Yoshida, basically the boss of PlayStation, explained why the Camera isn’t in the box with the PS4, in an interview with GameWatch.

To start off, he explained how there are many possibilities ‘opened up’ by the PS4:

Since there are multiple possibilities opened by the PS4, there’s no need for all games to use the functions of the peripherals

Rather than forcing every user to buy the camera, I think it’s better to allow a separate purchase just for those that will enjoy it. Selling the camera separately means that the main console can be more affordable.

But remember, the Camera can be used in conjunction with the DS4 for location detection, which has some pretty cool things like switching screen sides depending on where your buddy is if you’re playing a split screen game. However, the light bar can still change the colour, so it isn’t completely functionless without the Camera.

Certainly you can use the light bar on the DualShock 4 in combination with the PlayStation Camera to provide location detection, but the DualShock 4 alone can still change the color of the light for each player and it can be used in various ways. For instance it can shine when the player is taking damage. We prefer to let it spread gradually rather than making it mandatory.

I think that selling the Camera separately is a great idea, being as it is about $60, imagine paying that extra amount just for something you may not use. Although, we don’t know that much about the accessory, so how many possibilities can it open? Without sounding like a fanboy, the Kinect is whats pushing the price up. The cost of the console would probably be very similar if it is not a necessity, but alas, it is.

Source dualshockers.com

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