[PS4]You Cannot Turn The DualShock 4′s Light Bar Off, But Developers Can

July 16, 2013

Yet another snippet of information from Shuhei Yoshida regarding the PS4. It turns out that you can’t turn off the light bar.

Shuhei Yoshida’s Twitter seems to have exploded after the past few months. I’m not particularly sure why but it has; I myself have sent him a few tweets (Although I got no answers…)!

Here’s the tweet in its full glory. Although it’s short and sweet it definitely answers the questions:

So, developers have control over whether you can turn it off, but why wouldn’t developers take advantage of the light bar? It’s awesome! I wonder how long it takes to program it all? There obviously isn’t just little thing that says;

‘Light switch on – turn green when you use a med kit in the game’

Although, this does of course mean that developers can add in an option in the game for the lightbar to be turned off during play.

A prime example of how the lightbar works can be found in the game ‘Hohokum’. I couldn’t find a decent video to showcase this, but skip to 1:50 on this video and you can see it in action.

I bet they selected the option ‘change colour to match the collectible objective when you get it’.

Although you could just watch the whole thing, it’s hilarious.



Thanks to Draven who helped proof read this!

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