PSChannel RC1 Incoming, Source Code Out Now

December 26, 2012

Whether we want to admit or not, the current model of the PlayStation Network functions pretty well. We can play all of our online games through the service, and when we need more all we have to do is head to the store and download something new. The great part is, we don’t have to deal with the hustle and bustle of retail. Instead, we can just kick back from the comfort of our couch and get our content delivered directly to us. It’s a way of doing things that has become a staple for all users whether you are on CFW or stuck on the more official side of things.

When all is said  and done however, you great CFW folks may just want a store of your own. That’s why PSX Scene user deroad has worked alongside  KaKaRoTo to release his own market for homebrew called PSChannel. For the most part the developer claims that the basic idea was created entirely by himself, which makes this new release all the more exciting. While we may have to wait just a little while longer for something official, those good with source code now have the opportunity to compile it themselves. All you need are the RSXGL and ELF libs for PSL1GHT to build the entire thing. If that’s not your style though, a more complete option with a few additional bug fixes will be unleashed upon the world in a few days. You know DashHacks will be among the first to spread the news.


Tags: deroad, homebrew, PlayStation Store, PS3 Hacks, pschannel rc1

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