PSDev Continues To Pack In The Goodies For PS3Tools GUI

June 27, 2012

Yep, there’s a new update already available for PSDev’s PS3Tools GUI. Let’s get right into the new goodies that you get to use with this release.

With the new v2.1 update, PSDev has added the encryption and decryption of retail packages, as well as touched up on the EDAT tool that was implemented in the last release. Also with this release, PSDev has removed the extra external tools to recode them to be a part of the actual GUI. All of these changes were done in an effort to free up the amount of resources that the GUI package took up on your computer.

You can grab the latest version of PS3Tools GUI below and get back to business.

Download: PS3Tools GUI v2.1

Source: PSX-Scene

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