PSDev Releases PS3Tools GUI Edition v2.6 – Adds CEX 2 DEX

July 14, 2012

PS3Tools, a program capable of .PKG decryption and .PUP unpacking (among other useful features) has been updated to version 2.6! The update brings many nifty changes such as CEX 2 DEX, a redesigned interface and a handful of bug fixes. PS3Tools is easily one of the most useful programs released to date, and this new update only gives you more of a reason to think so. PlayStation 3 homebrew developer and creator of PS3Tools, PSDev, had this to say, right here on Ps3Hax:


  • Added CEX 2 DEX
  • New Interface
  • Fixed PKG decryptor button
  • Fixed EDAT Tool button
  • removed second GUI form
  • Minor bug fixes and code changes to perform better

I have been asked a lot recently to add in a debug PKG decryptor because all I had is a Retail decryptor & extractor. Well I did, but last minute checks, I noticed it was not performing the way I wanted it too. So instead of releasing faulty code/tool on my program and say it works half way, I’d rather withdraw the feature until a further update when I can have it working properly to my standards and what should be most.

This whole CEX to DEX is going around, I felt like adding it to GUI form had to be done so, I jumped on band wagon and did it.
When going to use this Make sure you have a CEX Nor flashed named “CEXFLASH.bin” and the eid_root_key.bin in the program folder.
Run the tool and it will output a DEXFLASH.bin… easy as pie.
Note* opensll required!!

Thanks to naehrwert, KaKaRoToKS, andbey0nd Math, HsRiena, geohot, eussNL, zecoxao and ofcourse the MAIN team I cannot forgot. Fail0verFlow also tthousand for always helping with everything, you’re awesome buddy I never give you enough appreciation and thanks!!


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