PSDev Said That He Would Be Working On PS3Tools … Here It Is

June 25, 2012

PSDev, the man of the hour, has released an updated version to his PS3Tools GUI Edition. If you have to use PS3Tools and the command line interface isn’t your thing, then this is the application that you need.

PSDev has collaborated with SnowyDev to push this version of PS3Tools GUI out. SnowyDev has combined his set of tools into PS3Tools. This thus has given the GUI the ability to change, decrypt and encrypt .EDAT files and the ability to decrypt EBOOTs, act.dat and rif keys. That’s not all it can do:

  • Changes, Decrypt and Re-encrypt edat’s successfully
  • iso.bin.edat extraction
  • decrypt eboot.pbp’s / eboot.bins for further game modifiying
  • Decryption of act.dat and rif keys
  • Print coreos image info

You can grab the updated application below.

Download: PS3Tools GUI Edition v2.0

Source: PS3Hax

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