September 1, 2010

Mathieulh and his crew have released their long awaited “free” version of the PS Jailbreak code.

To the dismay of the majority of people waiting for it, though, the team have disabled the ability to install games. If running unsigned homebrew code is your thing, though, grab a Teensy++ USB Development Board or an AT90USBKEY and have fun. Or wait for a “third party” to enable Backup Manager support.

Download: HERE


This is the PSGroove, an open-source reimplementation of the psjailbreak exploit for AT90USB and related microcontrollers.

It should work on:

* AT90USB162
* AT90USB646
* AT90USB647
* AT90USB1286
* AT90USB1287
* …and maybe more.

This software is not intended to enable piracy, and such features have been disabled. This software is intended to allow the execution of unsigned third-party apps and games on the PS3.

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