PSN access for PS3 DEX users

October 21, 2012

If you are running a DEX PS3, there’s good news for those of you who want to get on PSN with the new release of PSoN DEX.

An update just recently released from the Italian developers of PS3ITA comes PSoN DEX which now successively allows people with DEX PS3s to be able to connect to the PlayStation Network. The release allows the ability with no extra software such as FckPSN. This has been confirmed working by many users, however I haven’t had time to try but this is extremely good news, so check out the full release below:

About PSoN DEX:

Requirements: PS3 Debug (DEX) upright any CFW 3.55

  1. Install “PSoN_DEX” on your PS3 DEX
  2. Start “PSoN_DEX” and wait for the reboot of the console
  3. Install “Change_IDPS” on PS3
  4. Run “Change_IDPS”
  5. Connect to PSN


  • Change_IDPS must be started after every reboot of the console before groped access to the PSN (if you do not get an error: 8002A224)
  • Check in the debug menu settings (it’s under Network Settings), the NP Environment setting is set as NP (not SP-INT)
  • The IDPS is set as European (0 x 85)

Thanks to all the people involved in the implementation of the version for PS3 CEX, without them this would never come out, PSoN DEX: itskamel, anonymous person, BobbyBlunt, EUSS, Zecoxao, sandungas.

DownloadPSoN DEX V2

  1. Start with downgrade.pup (just to clean and make a fresh start!)
  2. I installed the itskamel dex 3.55 pup (I believe its names NewItskamel.pup or something)
  3. Run the Psit_PsOn_dex.pkg
  4. Run the Change_Idps_retail_usa.pkg

Source: PS3ITA

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