PSN Hacking Scare Debunked

August 16, 2012

Anyone that follows gaming news yesterday probably had at least one shiver travel up their spine when it was reported by several media outlets that the popular hactivist group known as Anonymous had once again broken through the security of the PlayStation Network.

Confirmed by a tweet on the organization’s Twitter feed, the deal seemed all bit certain with an attached pastebin as proof of their victory.

As a result of this news, sites like the one listed in my source exploded with anger. Many asked, “is there really a need to hack something and steal people’s private data for the simple sake of making a point.” In all of this debate, the truth soon came to light on a related IRC channel as users claimed the supposed attached pastebin was a direct copy from another hacking attempt. With this discovery made, the tweet that sparked the flame was quickly removed, and Sony fans lived to sleep another day.

My big question with this story is, was the Anonymous twitter hacked, or was this merely just a joke? Either way this whole story smells rotten.


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