PSN is down. Update 4.21 is no longer optional. (Don’t say..)

July 10, 2012

Well as we all know, the optional ALWAYS turn to imperative to Sony. Here some more info about PSN being DOWN again.

We all knew this would happen. It was recently reported that 4.21 system update was optional. That is no longer the case. It is now a mandatory update, which means that at least for the time being we don’t have PSN access on custom firmware PS3′s.

It is still early, but I’ve tested both F*ckPSN and the recent 4.21 SEN enabler/disabler. I have faith that a workaround will soon become available and we’ll be back online very soon but you have to ask yourselves – “Is this the end?”.

Anybody that is still able to go online, please report what you are using to make that happen.

Source: PSX-scene

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