PSN PKG Decrypter & Extractor 1.3 – Updated and Improved for your Extraction Needs!

February 14, 2013

It decrypts for the PS3 only .PKG files. This tool is most useful when used for the PSP. Why, do you ask? It decrypts, dumps and verifies the dumped ISO, generates KEYS.BIN from PSOne EBOOT.PBP file, and if that’s not enough for you, it also prepares the extracted files to be ready for use on the PSP. For the PS3? It only extracts the .PKG file. But I hope it’ll have more PS3 features in the future.

So what’s new in this update. This update is the 4th released update of PSN PKG Decrypter & Extractor. And it has improved! Below you can see all the new features that are added in the 1.3 update.


  • Automatically Decrypt DLC files, Dump EBOOT files to ISO format when Drag & Drop it.
  • Batch Mode So you can Drag & Drop PKG, ISO, EBOOT, EDAT/PGD files to Decrypt, Dump, Verify ISO, Generate PSOne KEYS.BIN files. ( See the NOTE & info about How to use Batch Mode )
  • Show Warning and Abort the Operation when there is no free space available before extracting PKG file.

Download: PSN PKG Decryptor & Extractor v1.3

Source: theleecherman

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