PSN PKG Decryptor & Extractor Has New Beta Updates

April 19, 2013

leecherman returns with two new beta updates to his PSN PKG Decryptor & Extractor application. Between these two beta updates, a plethora of changes have been made.


  • New Decryption Method for PKG files ( Support only Retail PSPPS3 PKG files )
  • New CheckBox Option to Check for Games Updates after decrypting the PKG file. ( ‘Single Mode’ This will inform you if the game has an Update or not, if yes check the log details for the download link )
  • New CheckBox Option in PSP Device dialog that can detect Connected PSP By Device Model.
  • New CheckBox Option in Log dialog that can view texts by Word wrap.
  • New Command-lines to export files (-export npdpc.exe) (-export pgdecrypt.exe) (-export pkgview.exe) (-export allfiles) to the same path as the program.
  • New Readme Button in About dialog that display informations and changelogs about the program.
  • Support to automatically get information and download link for PKG file from .XPD file.
  • Support to check for games updates from PKG, ISO, EBOOT.PBP, PBOOT.PBP files. ( Drag & Drop these files into PSNUpdate TitleID Field then Press Search )
  • Display Theme Title after decrypting it in the log details.
  • Improved log dialog details and automatically detect the PKG download link.
  • Rewrite some functions so it can works with Linux Systems using Mono and Wine. ( Not all functions is Available for Linux Systems = Move files to PSP, Decrypt Non Retail PKG files, Browse Files Path, Texts Colors )
    • Read readme_linux.txt for more informations on how to get it work under Linux System.
  • The new decryption method is using a fixedmodified version of Mathieulh’s sourcecode. ( Cause the original source has a problem with Some PKG files – Shows an error while attempting to decrypt and extract some PKG files )


  • New CheckBox Option to Create a PSPReady folder. ( Just like the folders that in your PSP MemoryStick, Copy the contents from this folder to your PSP root and overwrite if necessary )
  • New Display a Message confirmation to rename the PKG file to it’s ContentID if the file name is above 55 characters.
  • Automatically Delete PKGDir when finish the operation. ( If the PKGDir doesn’t contains any folders )
    • Renamed PKG_DIR to PKGDir.
    • Correct ‘Set Working Dir’ Path when switch between Single and Batch Mode.
  • Another Fix for the new decryption method.

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