PSNPatch v2.4, Habib Cobra 4.55 Support

March 7, 2014

Following the release of HABIB Cobra 4.55, dev KW has released an updat eto PSNPatch to support the new CFW bringing new stealth extensions and generic updates.

Following HABIB COBRA 4.55 CFW,
psnpatch was updated to support it including new stealth extensions and some minor generic updates:

VERSION [2.40] MAR/07/2014

  • Updated “CFW Disabled” message in psnpatch cobra plugin to inform if using “normal mode” or “stealth extensions”.
  • Added support for HABIB Cobra 4.55.
  • New stealth extensions for Cobra 4.55.
  • Version spoofing for cobra 4.55 (spoofs any future firmware version).
  • When spoofing version in cobra 4.53, stealth extensions are automatically activated.
  • When removing stealth extensions in 4.53, version spoofing is automatically disabled.

NOTE: After updating to habib cobra 4.55, if you’re getting a reported version “X.XX”, use psnpatch to disable version spoofing and reboot. if the version continues as “X.XX” just re-install firmware. DON’T GO ON-LINE WITH VERSION X.XX OR YOU’LL BE BANNED !!!

[Download] [Source via psxscene]

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