PSNPatch v2.45 Released

March 11, 2014

Quickly after the release of 2.4 a few days ago, KW has released another update for PSNPatcher. This latest update brings a semi-perma OFW mode for Cobra users, and added PS2emu swapping for Habib 4.55 CFW.

[ v2.45] MAR/09/2014

New semi-permanent “OFW mode” for Cobra.
Added PS2emu (iso/classics) swapping for Habib 4.55.
“Cobra menu” is now “Cobra TOOLBOX”
Some shortcut were remapped to accommodate new functions

[ v2.41, 2.40, 2.30]

Disables dev_habib (writeable flash) mounting at start-up in cobra 4.55 (install new stealth extension to use);
Version spoofing configuration moved into psnpatch.cfg file (where it should always have been) – see default.cfg and read documentation;
(psnpatch should be able to automatically update psnpatch.cfg file and remove old cobra_version.txt)
Updated “CFW Disabled” message in psnpatch cobra plugin to inform if using “normal mode” or “stealth extensions”.
Added support for HABIB Cobra 4.55.
New stealth extensions for Cobra 4.55.
Version spoofing for cobra 4.55 (spoofs any future firmware version).
When spoofing version in cobra 4.53, stealth extensions are automatically activated.
When removing stealth extensions in 4.53, version spoofing is automatically disabled.


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