PSP Homebrew may open new doors

May 13, 2013

Interesting piece of news today. PS3Hax’s GregoryRasputin broke the news today that scene developers are working on a way to get PSP Homebrew working on PS3’s. With all the PSP to PS3 conversions as of late, it seems that these developers are trying their best to make it 100% compatibility wise and homebrew wise. But in the rumor mill, it seems that this little piece could lead to some major breakthrough’s in the PSP2PS3 homebrew community.  The one major news piece being a fully fledged working Nintendo64 Emulator. Could we be seeing the first steps to that today?

A video popped up today showing off a “hello world” kind of vision, to show that PSP homebrew is officially kicking off on the PS3 scene, which of course is fantastic news, but the N64 Emulator has people asking questions like, if the PSP could do it, why can’t we get a perfect running one on the PS3? Why haven’t we even seen a BETA of one on the PS3 yet? We haven’t heard much from the Mupen64/Wii64 team on the matter in a while. A number of years back they stated that they would look to work on PS364. There was even a leaked image that can be seen below.


Whether the image is real or not is still a mystery, but fact is, we still have not got a working Nintendo64 emulator on the PS3, which remains a huge mystery to the scene, one that keeps us wondering whether we will actually ever see one. We all know the PS3 has the power to run one directly off it’s own homebrew, so why have to take the backdoor and water it down even more? We’ll defenitely get some answers on that front soon. In any case, PSP homebrew running on the PS3 is a major breakthrough for the scene, so expect some huge things to come from the scene on this front in the near future. Below is the video that was released, doesn’t show much, but is a proof of concept that dev’s do have it running on the PS3.

Source: PS3Hax

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