(PSP) Memory Stick Adapter + MicroSD, high memory for low price?

September 9, 2012

I am writing this article to let you guys know my experience with these special type of Memory Card for the PSP, and maybe, in a near future, for the Vita.

Well, the first advantage you immediately get from this great invention is the fact you get a high memory storage for a low price comparing it to the original memory stick. First of all, we need the Adapter which is fairly cheap, usually 0.99$ + shipping fees, depending on where you live in the world it might even be cheaper.

Next, you need the MicroSD HC, which depends on how much memory storage you want for your PSP. The second advantange of the adapter is the fact you can put two MicroSD HC inside, so for example you can do all types of combinations, like 8 GB + 16 GB and things like that, the maximum I have tried is 16 GB + 16 GB or only 32 GB MicroSD HC, I have not tried 32 GB + 32 GB. For example, say you want an 8GB MicroSD HC, it will be around 3$ + shipping fees. So lets add everything up (Shipping fees not included):

1$ – Adapter

6$ – 2 x MicroSD HC


7 $ – 16 GB Memory Storage for your PSP

Compare it with Sony’s Memory Stick:

47 $ – Original Memory Stick 16 GB

If you want to buy the original, won’t blame you, so there you go:

Original Memory Stick

I have made this table comparing the advantages of each type of memory to summarize:

Original Memory Stick 


  • Original (Do not think that is an advantage)
  • Warranty (Also, I do not think this is an advantage because if you break the adapter  you can get another one for 1$)
  • High reading speed
  • Compatible with MagicGate


  • Really high price

Adapter + MicroSD HC


  • Really low price
  • Accepts any MicroSD up to 32 GB


  • Medium reading speed

So, reckon you are going to buy an Adapter, or are you going to stick with the original Memory Stick? Comment!

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