PSP2PS3 Toolkit By $n!pR Adds One More Tool to the Chest

April 22, 2013

As the popularity and compatibility of PSP games on PS3 increases, there are a whole lot of developers looking to make their way into enhancing the function that has made so many hackers happy. This new tool created by $n!pR is certainly no exception to that. Essentially, it works very much like all of the others. Just put in your favorite ISO file, and after a couple clicks with a short wait, you’ll be playing some portable awesomeness on the big screen.

I chose to highlight this program in particular because by version 1.20A a whole lot of features have been added despite the fact that we are looking at an early build. Since its release, you now have the option to use images to create PKG files as well as any EBOOT.PBPs you can find from the PSN. You also have the option to load in any custom media files you like if you’re the type of person that likes to make their backups look nice and professional. There is also a save game fix option in here for those of you still having problems getting your PSP games to save. Operation is as simple as browsing to the image file, choosing your ID, and clicking make PKG. Just another tool to add to the list.

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Tags: homebrew, PS3 Hacks, psp2ps3 toolkit

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