PSUnban Tools v1.12 Gets Users Back Online

February 6, 2013

Even though the lv0 leak blew the scene wide open not too long ago, that hasn’t stopped Sony from enacting its plot of revenge by banning both the consoles and accounts of users that happen to log on to their PlayStation Network by looking at your IDPS. Other tools have circumvented this for a little while by generating random codes for users to log in with, but obviously when everyone starts using the same app to get online, that hack is going to be short-lived. In a sense it has been a continuous effort to try and get you poor unfortunate souls back to getting on the servers you have come to enjoy.

As part of this battle, the hacker called Sazerty has released their own updated app that in many ways works like a lot of your alternatives. The interface may be simple, but you’ll have the option of generating a random IDPS to use, or finding one yourself. Should you strike gold and not find one that has been taken, you should be all set for now. Version 1.12 in particular fixes a bug in the eboot.bin that caused it to generate similarities when creating an IDPS. If you want to get back to the PSN, my personal choice would be to find a friend on OFW that doesn’t use their system too often and use theirs with the help of a guide like this one. Users have confirmed this as a working tool so hopefully you have the same kind of luck but as always, use at your own risk!

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