PSV YouTube App receives huge update

December 11, 2012

Normally I wouldn’t care to write an article on an application update but this one is different. The Youtube application for the PSVita has been updated to Version 2.00 a few days ago. The update has improved the application a lot. Today, I will discuss the new features that the application now has and am going to answer some questions about the application.

The Youtube app for the PSV has been quite a fuss to use, the application made watching videos quite hard because multitasking was impossible with the app. With the latest update to the application, Sony has taken a step in the right direction. V 2.0 makes huge changes to the entire application.

The most noticeable change is that a ‘Subscriptions’ panel has been added and the favorites panel has been redesigned. Through subscriptions you can view updates from channels you have subscribed to, favorites now also adds the ‘Watch Later’ section.

The playback panel has been redesigned too. It now allows more control over the playback and adds support for captioning.

The settings panel has been updated with more options. You can now create playlists directly from your Vita.

The only thing that has not been fixed is that the video is still downloaded and not streamed which means that you still need to make sure you have some free space on your card.

One question that I have seen a lot about this app is if Sony plans to make it so that whenever you open youtube, you always go to the PSV application. This feature has actually already been implemented but not many people notice it, this works with the mobile version of youtube (which the browser automatically switches to) so, just click on the image of the video you want to see and the youtube app automatically opens.

Overall, the update to this VERY useful app is huge and it improves the experience of watching videos on such a beautiful OLED screen, hopefully we will see Sony take more steps towards the improvement of the overall user experience on the Vita.

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