PSVita TN-V Update Coming, Possibly New Kernel Exploit Release Soon

August 8, 2013

Yes, you read the title right.

As most of you know its been some time since the last PSVITA pspemu kernel exploit was released; with the last one being released on firmware 2.02 with the UNO exploit. So for those of you waiting for the next release there is some very good news on the horizon.

Developer Total_Noob is hard at work on an update for the highly popular PSVITA Custom Emulator Firmware TN-V. The update will bring some new features such as increased memory support, bug fixes and hopefully some fixes for some issues on TN-V3. But in addition we may see a new kernel exploit release from TN soon. The kernel exploit, when and if released, will be for the firmware that’s available at that time and would work on previously released exploits. Along with that, TN-V4 would be ported to the new kernel exploit release and the latest firmware.

As to when we will see either of them, nothing to confirm right now but well keep you updated with some more information in due time; make sure to check back. And while this sounds great, I would highly recommend not updating and losing your kernel exploit if you have one until things are set in stone.

TN is currently holding a little poll in the forums if you’d like to see TN-V4 and a new kernel exploit release, so make sure to go vote to let him know you do!

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