PSVita Wifi Tips

December 15, 2012

The PSVita is not so fun without an internet connection and it seems that many people are having problems with their Wifi. Some common problems are annoying things like Wifi disconnecting and reconnecting every 10 seconds. It really affects the user experience when such things happen, specially because the only way to download games for the Vita is through the Vita.

Today I will be providing some tips on using the PSVita’s WiFi and will solve some very common problems.

The Vita is a modern device. It is not so fun without an internet connection, this may not be too much of a problem for 3G owners but for Wifi version owners, this may become a problem.

Turn your WiFi Vita into a 3G/4G Vita

There are ways around every restriction. It is actually possible to turn your WiFi Vita into a 3G/4G Vita.

To do so you need to get this for 3G or it would be best if you instead got a android/bada smartphone, both these phones have the ability to take your GPRS/2G/3G/4G data and serve it as WiFi.

Basically, you get one of these and use the WiFi.

Basic WiFi setup information for the Vita

Most people who know anything about computers use WPA2 because it is the only one which at the moment cannot easily be hacked. It appears that the Vita doesn’t support TKIP encryption too well, plus even computers are slow with TKIP.

On the Vita, TKIP slows the connection and it disconnects every few seconds, this can be quite annoying. This issue can easily be solved by changing the encryption from TKIP to AES.

I have not noticed any other problems, there are no connection problems if it is an open access point.

If anyone has any more queries, you can ask me here.

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