PSX-Scene Developer Contest Hall of Fame

December 20, 2011

We’ve been running the PSX-Scene monthly developer contest for several months now and decided to create a special place to showcase the winners of each monthly contest. We have just added in the PSX-Scene Developer Contest Hall of Fame. Be sure you stop by and check out all of the previous winning submissions as well as any future winners.

Also there are 11 days left in the December Contest so there is still time to enter or just vote for your favorites. First prize is a $150 donation and there are 2 runner up prizes of $50 each. Listed below are the current standings as of December 20th. As always, thanks to everyone who is participating!!

This month’s entries: 12/01 to 12/31

webMedia plugin for Showtime: RSS feed, Imagecast, Podcast, Videocast, Live TV/Radio reader – = – by andreus 8 Likes

Showtime Plugin Khan Academy v1.0 & Youtube v1.2.5 (Subtitles support) – = – by facanferff 7 Likes

Showtime Plugin Pack + Sources – = – by NP 13 Likes

Crypter Tools Released – = – by PsDev 11 Likes

Ps3 CFW Folder Check + Source Code Included – = – by PsDev 5 Likes

Cherophobe v1.0 – = – by ThatOtherPerson 11 Likes

Cylinder Dodge v1.0 – = – by ThatOtherPerson 6 Likes

Hero City v0.5 – = – by ThatOtherPerson 6 Likes

Neo Tanks v0.2 – = – by ThatOtherPerson 4 Likes

Source Code and Updates – = – by ThatOtherPerson 5 Likes

Winters End v1.0 – = – by ThatOtherPerson 3 Likes

So far it looks like this race is going to go down to the wire!!

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