PUAD GUI 1.2 Arrives

October 29, 2012

For scene development purposes, there are tons of different files you have to be able to decrypt using a series of different tools and GUIs. While it may be something of a newcomer to the set of programs we have at our disposal, what makes PUAD GUI a worthwhile investment is that it is both simple and functional. To reveal any part of the PUP you are looking at, functionality is as simple as dropping your file into the right section of the utility and sitting back while the rest of the work is done by the code. What’s more is, unlike a lot of similar options, PUAD GUI works directly from Windows, so there’s no need to use cgywin.

In terms of what’s new with 1.2, there are quite a few notable additions to speak of. For one, you know how the ability to repack the Core_OS as well as the UPL.xml with some added safeguards to make sure we don’t have any  unnecessary bricks on our hands. When it comes to decryption, you can now decrypt lv0 on top of being able to encrypt the ps2swu.self. Lastly, you’ll find the support of a new .puad suffix so that you can make all of your files open by default with your new favorite tool. Couple that in with some code refinements and bug fixes and you have another great release from Nathan_r32_r69!


Tags: PS3 Hacks, PS3 Homebrew, puad gui

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