PUAD GUI Is a New Tool for PS3 Devs

October 2, 2012

If you’re a PS3 developer, odds are you’ve probably messed around with hundreds to different tool sets to help get your games up and running. In fact, updates come so often that these tools are in general a large part of why sites like DashHacks even exist. Thanks to a developer known as nathan_r32_69 we now have a new one for you to ponder called PUAD GUI.

Essentially what this program does is function as a uniquely-coded PUP Unpacker and Decypter. With its simple button based GUI, there ins’t a whole lot of room to mess up here, but rather all you do is place the PUP file into the program and tell it where the outputted files should be saved. From there there are a whole bunch of other unpacking options including releasing the Dev Flash and Core_OS files as well. In essence as long as you know what these different files do and how they function and fit into the development system you should have no problem using it.

Along with the release, the developer has also posted a brief FAQ to address some of the more prominent issues that some may take with his tool. One of the bigger ones perhaps is that this particular decrypter does not work with all of the typical ps3tools files and keys. The configuration here is all custom-made to work with PUAD, so in a sense what you see is what you get with this effort. That being said, for a first release this is really something special for those looking to try out a new tool. As PUAD improves over time, I have a feeling this will be a big player in the PS3 development scene.


Tags: dev flash, gui, PS3 Hacks, puad gui

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