PUAD GUI Updated to 1.1

October 11, 2012

Because this is a relatively new program, I’ll offer a quick refresher on what this little app can do for you. Essentially what this program does is function as a PUP unpacker and decrypter for all of your game creation and development needs. Where the program really does quite well is through it’s extremely simple button-based interface that even the most novice of users could probably figure out. All you really need to do is drop the designated PUP into the program, and click the large-texted option that corresponds to what you would like the program to do. With the ability to unpack both the Dev Flash and Core_OS portions of the PUP among other functions, there’s a lot that this young tool option can do.

With regards to the very latest version, even more features have been added to that pretty stellar feature set. Now, not only can you unpack a PUP file, but you can also put them back together with the added “repack” option. On top of that you now have a few more decryption keys added as well, such as the ability to dissect UPL.xml.pkg and ps3swu.self files. Of course as is with any update, the code itself has also been more streamlined to hopefully create a less buggy experience. If you haven’t checked out the previous version, this new one seems to be a pretty solid way to get introduced to PUAD GUI.


Tags: Decrypter, puad gui, PUP

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