Pulse Wireless PS3 Stereo Headset!

October 19, 2012

A year ago the PS3 saw its USB ports graced with the addition of the Wireless PS3 Stereo Headset.  This year, Sony has upped their game, releasing the new and improved Sony Wireless PS3 Pulse Stereo Headset.

To put it simply, this headset is a huge improvement on its predecessor, and is a great addition to your arsenal of PS3 accessories you may already own.  The “Pulse” part of the headset’s name is in relation to the earpads, where they vibrate or “pulse” according to the level of bass coming through your headset.

A full video review and a detailed comparison with last years model can be found here for your enjoyment, and hopefully you are convinced into buying this headset.  I have used mine excessively ever since I got it and it’s all I use for gaming now on both PS3 and PC.

Enjoy the video, and leave some feedback on the video comments or below on the article!

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