PUP/CEX-toDEX Downloaders Released by PsyOil

July 23, 2012

I’m sure you’re all familiar with the quote “It’s the simple things that matter,” and today homebrew developer PsyOil did that quote absolute justice by releasing two simple-yet-effective applications that will download most .PUP files faster than you can say Jack Robinson – or at least as fast as you can click your left mouse button.

PUP Download Archive (GUI)

The first on the runway is a program he calls PUP Download Archive, which conveniently displays a list of every firmware ever released and all you have to do is click on the one you want and… there ya’ go. The .PUP file with be downloaded and placed in the same directory as the program. Hooray! What’s more to be said? Want firmware 3.55? Click it. 4.11? Click it. Click to your hearts content. Just don’t delete the program before the download is finished or else you won’t get your .PUP!

On a click of a button a command prompt window will start downloading(from the PS3Dev Wiki) the pup to the same directory as the program. Do not delete wget.exe or else the pups will not download! D:

Its pretty simple, list of firmwares (OFW) on click they download to the directory your placed the Two files in.

Now, you’re probably wonder why someone would ever need this.
I download and delete pups very often, so i made this program to make it a bit easy to find a pup right away..

Making a SEX/DEX downloader soon 

PUP CEX/SEX Downloadable Archive GUI

The second program he showcased is one he calls PUP CEX/SEX Downloadable Archive GUI, and it’s long title isn’t the only thing special about this beauty, because what really makes it shine is it’s ability to download CEX, SEX and DEX firmwares. The interface is reminiscent of it’s predecessor however when downloading DEX firmwares, you will need to type in the exact name of the desired firmware before clicking the download button.

Once again, i suck at GUI programs.
I’ve made a command prompt version of the same program, where you just enter the name of the firmware version exmp “4.10″ and it starts downloading the firmware on command (4.10p for patch pups)

Should i just release that or stick to the ghetto lookin’ gui? 

[Download PUP Downloader Archive]
[Download  PUP CEX/SEX Downloadable Archive GUI]

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