PUP’s Syscon Changer v1.0 Released

January 15, 2013

Nathan_r32_69 has pretty much earned a name for himself these days with the creation of tools that deal with .pkg files, .spkg files, and finding ways to get modified systems back on the PlayStation Network. The newer members of the community may not understand the purpose for all of his releases, but the real developers inside all of us know that what this guy makes can pretty much always be considered a pretty big deal. After all, it is such tools that allow us to function within the scene, and this new one is no different.

PUP Syscon Changer version 1.0 is essentially just what the name implies. It changes the syscon file within an update package to make it a later version than what you are currently running on your system. What will this do for you as a scene member? Essentially if you are on a custom firmware you don’t like, this little PC app will take a 3.55 update for example and swap the code so that your PS3 sees it as a version higher than what you have and installs it without a problem. It should be noted that this tool is NOT used for downgrading to lower firmwares then what came with your stock PS3. The developer says that this should be used with caution and is only for CFW for now. However this is a pretty big development in the scene regardless!


Tags: CFW, nathan_r32_69, PS3 Hacks, PSN, pup syscon changer

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