[PWNAGE] PS3 Full Core Dump: PoC

August 22, 2012

WARNING = Read between lines and avoid ask the same ol’ questions.

hello there my friends…as you may or may not know i have been looking into the possability to get a full core dump from my ps3….a few hours ago i was sent a pm from ANON on another site… here it is….

hey mate,
yeh cfwprophet told something about the ram dump too. you can make a core dump on a dex.
here is a quote from him:

‘I say it now for the last time: There is NO fself for new games !! TrueBlue use the CoreDump function and a RSX exception to dump the games like i told the scene for over a half year.’
‘take MultiMan 04.02 which is a Retail NPDRM >> enable core dump function >> start MultiMan >> exit to XMB and be surprised’
‘The Coredump function is a embended system of the debug FW and get handled of liblv2dbg. The send signal call aka send_signal_to_coredump_handler() and the trigger function are always running and CAN NOT be deactivated.’

he also said that you will get one 250MB file. there you have to search the decrypted file(s).
it would be pretty sure that they use this method, because newer games wouldnt have debug eboots or fselfs.
if you open a tb eboot with a hex editor, you will see near at the end , that they stand right after the codes some passages with ‘liblv2′. if you open a original eboot , you cant find passages with ‘liblv2′. like cfwprophet said, the core dump get handled of ‘liblv2dbg’ and you can find ‘liblv2′ passages in tb eboots. so they use coredump pretty sure.

but the problem is to trigger a crash or so. i really dont know. im not a dev and dont have an idea.
i just wanted to tell you this infos because i saw your post about coredump.

here you can read more infos:


and here about liblv2dbg:


well i now have a few core dumps …some were 250mb and a 500mb dump which i have uploaded including the log file…it is in rar format & compressed to 45mb



hopefully this will lead us to the magic decrypted eboots that we all want.
i hope someone with a bit more knowledge than me can use this info.

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