Pwning theory: Modification of the PARAM.SFO = Game of Cards! PoC

August 17, 2012

More to come, i hope ;) pretty much explains the workaround, it’s up to you to get things working with the modifcation of PARAM.SFO and many other things that your will read in this conversation.

 Something to mention is that those pkgs when downloaded from $0ny either need modification of the PARAM.SFO inside, or the HD db needs to be rebuilt once the  PARAM.SFO is updated.
 not much can be done about that without releasing the full pkgs
 which is not for me to do.
 there are tools for that already
 hdd encryption?
 nah any tool that allows modifying a pkg, just need to replace the PARAM.SFO inside the pkg
 or use spoofing.
 when the pkg is installed the PARAM.SFO is used to create the db entry for the title
 so if you install the sony pkg with the normal PARAM.SFO it will insist you need 4.xx firmware to run the title
 modifying the PARAM.SFO after installation will not be reflected until the HD db is rebuilt from the service menu
 spoofing gets around that.
 they need to backup files
 preferable that person has spoofing.

Thanks to Anon for his patience and the data ;)

Just in case you are wondering what is SFO and about this conversation that was posted i HIGHLY recommend to check the following links:

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