RazorX Updates CFW Eboot & PKG Resigner Updated To 1.08

February 28, 2013

RazorX has been pouring in a lot of effort into his CFW Eboot & PKG Resigner application for Windows computers since its release. Updates have been pumped left and right. Let’s take a look at what’s new since the last time we’ve covered the app.

Version 1.08

  • Removed some uneeded code and cleaned up some others.
  • Tidied up some of the info screens to make them more clear and easy to understand.
  • Removed timeouts to speed up the process.
  • Fixed issue with exiting app after unpacking pkg, resigning eboot then repacking pkg.
  • Fixed exiting app not removing some of the files.


Version 1.07

  • Fixed issue with unpacking pkg, patching eboot then repacking pkg in same session.
  • Changed menu to make it easier to understand and more sensible.
  • Updated various sections of code.
  • Added the ability to change the param.sfo or contentid before repack incase of mismatched titleid and contentid.


Previous Versions

  • Added create pkg.
  • Fixed a few code issues.
  • Setup automatic contentid extraction from pkg files so it’s now even easier to use this app.
  • Added display after contentid extraction that shows you the pkgs contentid and titleid so you can make sure there correct before you try to repack pkg file.
  • Updated pkg unpacking process so now it shouldnt have a problem unpacking anything the keys are out for.
  • Updated script so now it no longer asks you for the version now it extracts the version directly from the PARAM.SFO.


NOTE: Please use the exit on the app rather than hitting the [X] so it can cleanup the temp files and prevent errors.

You can download the latest version below.

Download: CFW Eboot & PKG Resigner 1.08

Source: PSX-Scene

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