ReActPSN v2.22 Released: Shenzhen’s Magic tricks ;)

August 11, 2012

According to source, Chinese dev eid0dex1 achieved in this release CEX and DEX switch within eight seconds (faster than Bolt). This was roughly translated SO BE ADVISED, if you mess up it’s not either my fault or source fault. I strongly recommend to test it once the translation is *better*. Word of advise.

Close enough? ;)


To quote:

About ReActPSN v2.22: (Rough translate)

  • Add new type NP KEY to Triangle fix mode: 0×4,0×6,0xA,***,***(3.60)
  • ReActPSN v2.22 CEX2DEX DEX2CEX (untested 256M NAND FLASH)
  • You need to be on 3.55 with peek and poke patches to switch between CEX and DEX.
  • Run reActPSNv2.22 and keep pressed BUTTON_RIGHT about 8s, auto reboot.
  • Then you must Do system update to DEX3.55 or CEX3.55!
  • Dump and Backup PS3 FLASH first.
  • Test it on 3.55K and Itskamel’s 3.55 DEX more than 50 times, all is ok.
  • The triangle button to crack the mode new 0×4, 0×7, 0xA,***,*** the NP KEY support previous versions only support 0×1 type of the NP KEY.
  • Retail machine reActPSN v2.22 and development of machines, a key conversion
  • Before using this feature, please backup your FLASH!
  • All work on the 3.55CFW and peek & poke DEX3.55 firmware.
  • Run reActPSN and continued to press the right arrow key about 8 seconds, the machine automatically restart after a successful conversion.
  • Retail machine can be converted to a development machine, development machine can also be converted into a retail machine.
  • Please upgrade to DEX3.55 or 3.55CFW.
  • 256M NAND FLASH models untested 16M models to test the more than 50 times occasionally crash, but no brick.
  • Please have the FLASHER tools first try, there are a lot of success without brick report the average user to use this feature.

Answer the questions below concerning reActPSN used in DEX v2.22:
patch 2.0 features have VSH 2.1 features theoretically available in the crack OFW. of DEX some folder write permissions too low, no effect on not tested. 2.2 features should be able to peek and poke) 3.55

[Download]ReActPSN v2.22

[Source]: bbs.duowan via Psx-Scene 

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