ReActPSN v2.25 Released

April 17, 2013

The latest version of ReActPSN is out; this latest brings the 4.0 EDAT fix. Full changelog below:

1: Triangle crack mode support to CFW4.40.
[The triangle key] ordinary crack mode, do not modify the version number of the first crack full EBOOT.BIN running game, the second to break the rest of the game sprx edat.
The triangle key + L1] downgrade to 3.41 crack, the EBOOT key lib ver downgrade, edat4.0 downgrade.
SFO is rather special, recognize only the installation of the version number the low version CFW crack high version of the game, first install the the a downgrade PARAM.SFO the pkg EBOOT to run after the break.
[Triangle key + L2] downgrade to 4.20.
Crack the game this way, starting from the earliest version 2.20, has been running on 4.20 CFW, do not need to re-signature.

2: [key], automatic vsh patch function supports import authorization, support to CFW4.40.
Support of 3.41 and 3.55 CFW and OFW, support CFW 3.60 more.

3: [Right] eight seconds CEXDEX conversion, support to CFW4.30.
Only 3.55CEX before mandatory set QA, the rest of CFW detection QA, QA will not convert.
I do not know R4.40v1.03 the sony reasons, or roger reasons, the converted must become brick, the software does not support the 4.40 conversion.

4:That annoying boot repair.
The PS2 conversion speeds of up to 12M / s, the present situation is the most convenient and simple conversion method.
The import authorization also added a progress bar.

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