Rebug 3.55.2 PSN Enabler With Added Spoof

October 17, 2012

A member over at psx-scene, Nightbird, has released Rebug 3.55.2 PSN Enabler. The package includes a 4.25 spoofer and allows PSN access without the need of FckPSN. Now you might think that this is just another PSN/SEN enabler. But for those avid Rebug users, this could be a welcomed release.


Here is a quote from the developer.

Here is a patched Rebug 0.7 Update Package to enable PSN and v4.25 spoofing on Rebug 3.55.2 Firmware. You must already be using Rebug FW 3.55.2 to use this. If you have already installed Rebug’s Official Update 0.7 before, you can still install this. This package relies on you using Rebug’s own CEX/DEX Selector to change between 3.55 and 4.25 (PSN access). I have used all original Rebug files and patched them manually. The ‘version.txt’ was pulled from the original 4.25 pup. Selfs and ‘index.dat’ were rebuilt using fail0verflow tools. ‘vsh.self.swp’ and ‘vsh.self.cexsp’ are correctly patched to enable PSN access, 4.25 spoofing and switching between Debug and Retail XMB modes without causing RSOD.

The MOD includes 3 modes tested and working with ReactPSN:

  1. Normal XMB: Debug = no spoofing (3.55), no PSN access, has ‘Debug’ options in ‘Settings’. 
  2. Rebug XMB: Debug = Spoofed (4.25), PSN enabled, has ‘Debug’ options in ‘Settings’.
  3. Rebug XMB: Retail = Spoofed (4.25), PSN enabled, no ‘Debug’ options in ‘Settings’.

And some notes from Nightbird:


  • If you haven’t installed Rebug’s CEX/DEX selector, you can find it in ‘Install Package Files’/’PS3 Hard Disk’. Both versions 1.5.1 and 1.6.1 work fine. 
  • Note: This is for Rebug 3.55.2 Firmware only.

Installation instructions via the source:

Before you install this package, make sure you are in ‘normal’ mode (3.55) and are not using any other spoofers. If you are, disable and uninstall them. If you have been using F***psn, put your original ‘CA27.cer’ back. If you are already spoofed(rebug mode) using Rebug’s CEX/DEX selector, use it again to change back to 3.55. Do this by pressing ‘L1 + Cross(X)’ within the selector. Status should say ‘Normal Mode’. Exit selector and check system FW is 3.55. 

Now install the ‘Rebug_PSN_UPDATE_0.7r3_3.55.2.pkg’ from the link below. If you get the message ‘same version already installed, continue’ select ‘YES’.

Now run ‘Rebug Unofficial PSN Update Package 0.7r3 (3.55.2)’ from XMB (ignore the stuff about v4.11). Select ‘YES’. You will get a message ‘Update Complete – System Will Reboot’.

After reboot, go back into Rebug’s CEX/DEX selector. Press ‘L1 + Circle(O)’ to activate Rebug mode. Press ‘PS’ button and exit the selector. System will reboot. Now check in system settings/info that your firmware version says ‘version 4.25’.

If it does, you have done the above procedure correctly and you can now log in to PSN. You can also now uninstall ‘Rebug Unofficial PSN Update Package 0.7r3 (3.55.2)’ from XMB.

Download: Rebug PSN Enabler + Spoof 4.25 Update Package 0.7r3

Source: psx-scene

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