Rebug 4.21 Users: Check Out This Mod By IcEmAn2012

November 13, 2012

One of the advantages of having a custom firmware installed on your console is the ability to customize it to your liking. Some customizations are themes, while others are tweaks. IcEmAn2012, who is known for his XMBM+ mods, has released a mod package for those rocking the 4.21 REBUG custom firmware. The XMB mod package includes a new category layout as


  • Images
  • Video
  • Homebrew
  • Games
  • Install
  • Netzwerk-Einstellungen/Spieldaten-Dienstprogramm
  • info

Along with the new layout, the mod includes a new “Install Package” Installer that is able to handle .pkg files that contain various content such as:

  • PS3 Hard Drive (internal)
  • Homebrew (Tools)
  • PSN Content
  • PS1 PSN Content
  • PKG patches / updates
  • PKG Content

Sounds interesting? You can view a preview video of the mod and download your flavor of the mod package below. The All In One is the full package including everything while the other only packs the theme, sounds and coldboot.

Download: REBUG CFW 4.21 XMB MOD v0.4 [All In One | Theme, Sounds & Coldboot]

Source: IcEmAn-ModZ

Tags: 4.21 rebug, iceman2012, Mod, PlayStation 3, PS3, Rebug

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